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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER03/31/2023FinanceWallace: FinanceApply
CTE- CULINARY ARTS03/31/2023LicensedWest Rowan High SchoolApply
MEN'S TENNIS COACH03/31/2023CoachingSouth Rowan High SchoolApply
CTE- FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE EDUCATION03/30/2023LicensedCarson High SchoolApply
DATA MANAGER III03/30/2023ClassifiedCarson High SchoolApply
K-5 TEACHER03/30/2023LicensedKnollwood Elementary SchoolApply
MEDIA CENTER TECHNICIAN03/30/2023ClassifiedKnollwood Elementary SchoolApply
FOOTBALL ASSISTANT COACH03/30/2023CoachingCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
ASSISTANT BASKETBALL COACH03/30/2023CoachingCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH03/30/2023CoachingCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
HEAD FOOTBALL COACH03/30/2023CoachingCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
JV GIRLS BASKETBALL COACH03/30/2023CoachingSouth Rowan High SchoolApply
JV BASKETBALL COACH03/30/2023CoachingCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER03/28/2023LicensedWest Rowan High SchoolApply
EC VIRTUAL SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST03/27/2023LicensedWallace Educational ForumApply
SCHOOL COUNSELOR03/27/2023LicensedWest Rowan Middle SchoolApply
SCHOOL COUNSELOR03/27/2023LicensedLandis Elementary SchoolApply
ATHLETIC DIRECTOR03/24/2023DirectorCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
HEALTH/PE TEACHER03/24/2023LicensedCorriher Lipe Middle SchoolApply
TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT TECHNICIAN I03/24/2023ClassifiedWallace: TechnologyApply
CUSTOIDAL SUPERVISOR03/23/2023ClassifiedMaintenanceApply
MUSIC TEACHER03/23/2023LicensedKoontz Elementary SchoolApply
STUDENT REASSIGNMENT SPECIALIST03/23/2023ClassifiedWallace Educational ForumApply
BIOLOGY/SCIENCE TEACHER03/22/2023LicensedSouth Rowan High SchoolApply
EC PROGRAM SPECIALIST03/21/2023LicensedWallace Educational ForumApply
CUSTODIAN03/21/2023ClassifiedChina Grove Middle SchoolApply
GRADUATION COACH03/21/2023LicensedSalisbury High SchoolApply
WOMEN'S TENNIS COACH03/21/2023CoachingSalisbury High SchoolApply
STUDENT SUPPORT SPECIALIST03/21/2023LicensedWest Rowan High SchoolApply
K-5 TEACHER03/21/2023LicensedRockwell Elementary SchoolApply
K-5 TEACHER03/21/2023LicensedOverton Elementary SchoolApply
GRADE 8 ELA TEACHER03/20/2023LicensedNorth Rowan Middle SchoolApply
CTE TECHNOLOGY/BUSINESS INSTRUCTOR03/13/2023LicensedSoutheast Middle SchoolApply
KITCHEN EQUIPMENT MANAGER03/13/2023ClassifiedMaintenanceApply
ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH (PAID)03/10/2023CoachingSouth Rowan High SchoolApply
BAND TEACHER03/10/2023LicensedSouth Rowan High SchoolApply
SCHOOL NUTRITION MANAGER03/09/2023ClassifiedWallace: School NutritionApply
NC PRE K TEACHER ASSISTANT03/08/2023ClassifiedGranite Quarry Elementary SchoolApply
NC PRE K TEACHER03/08/2023LicensedGranite Quarry Elementary SchoolApply
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL03/08/2023AdministrationEast Rowan High SchoolApply
GUIDANCE SECRETARY03/06/2023ClassifiedNorth Rowan High SchoolApply
MATH TEACHER03/06/2023LicensedEast Rowan High SchoolApply
EC ADAPTED TEACHER03/03/2023LicensedHurley Elementary SchoolApply
EC TEACHER ASSISTANT03/01/2023ClassifiedWest Rowan Middle SchoolApply
SCHOOL RECEPTIONIST03/01/2023ClassifiedSoutheast Middle SchoolApply
SPANISH TEACHER02/27/2023LicensedEast Rowan High SchoolApply
CUSTODIAN02/27/2023ClassifiedNorth Rowan High SchoolApply
JV CHEERLEADING COACH (PAID)02/24/2023CoachingEast Rowan High SchoolApply
PRINCIPAL02/23/2023LicensedHanford Dole Elementary SchoolApply
EC GENERAL TEACHER (OCS)02/23/2023LicensedWallace Educational ForumApply